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Test Name: Description and Corrective Action
Connect: Use this test to determine if CyberStrong eShop can connect to your database. On failure, connect-errors returned from your database driver will be displayed. The most common cause of this problem is missing write permission on your database file *.mdb. If this test passes then fails on a second immediate attempt, your problem is most likely that of Multiple Connect which is described below.

Your installation must pass this test to use your eShop.

Important Note: All ASP shopping carts require specific file permissions on your server to run. You can save time and reduce permission problems by simply adding modify permissions (read, write, execute and delete) for the IUSR_MachineName to your eShop folder and its children folders. Once done, all the permission tests on this page will pass. If your host provider is unable to provide full permissions, then the tests on this page will help you reach a compromise between permissions and eShop functionality.

CyberStrong Internet Services can assist you in finding hosting that meets these requirements. Please visit our Hosting page on our Web site for more information.

Write: This test checks your eShop's ability to write on the file system in the folder in which it is installed. If this test fails, ask your host provider to add write and delete permissions for the IUSR_MachineName to your shopping cart folder and its children. You can run your eShop without passing this test, however you will be unable to lock your eShop, write search engine pages, update templates, use digital downloads, export data, or upload images via your browser.

The message "Cannot create file system object. Write test failed" indicates that your host provider has disabled the Microsoft File System Object (FS0) and you will not be able to run CyberStrong eShop until this has been corrected.

Multiple Connect: Use this test to confirm that your database may be opened for multiple connects. Your installation must pass this test if more than one person is to shop at your site at the same time or you wish to use your set up screens without locking your eShop. Windows NT/2000 requires that you add write permission for the IUSR_MachineName on your eShop folder so that it can create the lock files it needs for multi-user use. For more information on this error please see this Microsoft Knowledge base article.
XML Test: To support certain eShop functions such as live shipping rate lookup, some payment gateways and other features, your server must have the current version of  Microsoft XML installed. If you do, the version number of the installed MSXML component is displayed when this test completes. MSXML is a built-in component supplied with all new Windows servers.

If this test fails, you will not be able to use the XML based features of CyberStrong eShop. The MSXML component can be obtained free of charge from Microsoft. Links to the latest versions of MSXML can be found on the requirements page on our Web site.

SSL Test: The SSL test checks your Secure Server Prefix as specifed in eShop Setup/Payment. This parameter tells CyberStrong eShop how to launch pages under your secure (SSL) server.
Unpack Test: This test confirms that your CyberStrong eShop distribution ZIP file has been properly unpacked. Due to the length of time this test needs to run, image files are not checked. Please allow a minute or so for the test to complete.
Email Tests: The email test checks for the proper operation of your host's email transport. CDOSYS and CDONTS are provided by Microsoft, ASPMail by Server Objects, and W3 JMail by Dimac. For ASPMail and JMail testing, you will also need to provide the name of your host's SMTP server. Although rarely needed, you can override your server's SMTP setting when using CDOSYS as well. Many modern SMTP servers also require that the "From Email Address" be a valid address in the same domain.

It's important to note that this test confirms your eShop's ability to pass an email message to your hosting company's email transport system. Passing this test does not guarantee email delivery. Please contact your hosting company if this test passes but does not result in a successfully delivered test message.

Your email transport is established in eShop Setup/Email where you will also find instructions on specifying this parameter. You need pass only one of these tests to successfully use email notification in CyberStrong eShop.

You can download a free copy of W3 JMail here.