Jax Wax Shine All
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Jax Wax Shine All
Jax Wax Shine All is an extremely versatile water based dressing and protectant for All Vinyl, Plastic and Rubber Surfaces.  Unlike it's Retail Counterparts, Jax Wax Shine All is Designed to be Mixed with Water which Allows You to Create the Exact Finish that You Want.

When used Straight From the Bottle - Jax Wax Shine All produces an Extremely High Shine.  Jax Wax Shine All can be sprayed on or applied with an applicator sponge. Jax Wax Shine All will also dry completely with no streaks and not stay "Tacky".
Directions and Quick Tips:

Suggested Mix Rates and Finishes:

  • Full Strength, Straight from the Bottle
          Extremely High Shine
  • 50 / 50 With Water
          Satin Finish
  • 1 part Shine All 2 parts Water
          Matte Finish


    1. Mix Product to desired Finish

    2. Spray or Wipe On with an Applicator
    3. Let Dry to a Perfect Finish Jax Wax
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