Jax Wax Leather Magic
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Jax Wax Leather Magic
Jax Wax Leather Magic works excellent for cleaning, conditioning and protecting leather and vinyl surfaces.  Contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives that could damage fine leather. 

Jax Wax Leather Magic gently cleans leather surfaces - and at the same time - conditions and restores suppleness to prevent drying out and cracking.  Jax Wax Leather Magic also will help restore and keep the natural brilliance of a leather finish, and at the same time protect against harmful UV rays from the sunlight.

For use in home, auto or office.  Not for use on suede.

  • One-Step Cleaner and Conditioner
  • Restores Suppleness to Leather Surfaces
  • Protects against hamful UV rays from sunlight

Directions and Quick Tips:


    1. Pour a small amount of product into clean toweling.

    2. Work into upholstery with toewling or a very soft bristle brush.
    3. Wipe off excess product and buff with a soft, clean towel. 

  • For use on smooth surfaces only
  • Jax Wax
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