4 wheel laser wheel alignment with Codelink®

Once you have your tires mounted and balanced properly, it is important to make sure you have a high quality wheel alignment. Our state of the art Hunter WA13X 4 wheel laser alignment system allows us to align your car to factory specs, or make adjustments for race prepped cars. The alignment is only as good as the equipment you use and the person operating it. Our techs are Hunter trained to make sure you get a perfect alignment every time. The detailed report you will receive with your alignment will confirm that your car will handle safely and your tires will give you maximum life.

Corner Weighing

Intercomp Weighing Technology

We are equipped with Intercomp's Wireless Scale System combined with ultra accurate Billet Scale Pads. One of the most important aspects of racing is having a good handling balance. Setting static weight distribution and adjusting cross-weight percentage is one way to assure good handling.This fine tuning is the last step to take full advantage of your performance suspension in order for it to all work in harmony with each other.

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